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A professional audio installer will ensure that you get the best out of your new purchase. Modern head units can require more power than the original equipment and something as simple as ensuring the supply is man enough for the job can make a terrific difference to operation and sound quality.

An approved installer is also capable of installing screens in headrests, and DIN size radios in non-standard dashboards.

If you feel comfortable with installing a product yourself then we have stockists who will help you with this approach also.

JVC Mobile Entertainment Solutions (car stereo, audio car stereos, car hifi, in-car DVD)
Superior in-car audio sound, for the Car Hifi enthusiast. Wide range of in-car entertainment products including: DAB, CD, MP3, WMA, in-car DVD, Divx, Dolby DTS, 5.1, pro-logic, Mpeg4 in-car Multimedia, colour screens for roof or headrest mounting, steering wheel mounted control interfaces, iPod in the car, Bluetooth hand free phone and audio streaming, USB input, Auxiliary input. JVC ICE Products: Head Units (CD Receivers, DAB, Cassette, in-car DVD, AV Navigation) CD Changers, Speakers, Amps and Subwoofers – Extreme ICE installs. ICE News, Reviews & Events.

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